Interactive Tools

Our Healthy and Ready to Learn interactive tools are for adults looking to support healthy habits in students. These tools focus on our three core areas, health barriers to learning, trauma, and attendance, and provide information and materials for homes, schools, and medical offices.

Get Your School Healthy and Ready to Learn

Looking to bring Healthy and Ready to Learn programming to your school? Take this survey and get a personalized list of materials to help get you started.
Let's Talk About It...

Interested in starting a conversation around important issues? Our “Let’s Talk About It…” tool provides talking points and tips for parents and school staff.
Top Concerns

Are you noticing issues at home or in the classroom with your child or student? This tool helps you understand the different health problems that could explain these issues.
Make Your Own Poster!

Use our templates to create posters for your classroom, hallways, and medical rooms! Post messages about health and attendance for parents and students.