HRL Trainings

Our live trainings for elementary school parents and educators are available across New York City.


Trauma can change a child's behavior or how they react to everyday events. Students with trauma may need help focusing, controlling emotions, or learning.

Uncontrolled Asthma

Asthma symptoms can make kids lose sleep or have trouble focusing. But asthma can be kept under control with an asthma action plan and medications.

Dental Pain

Dental pain is a common reason for missing school or being unfocused during class. Good dental habits and regular trips to the dentist can help.

Vision Problems

Kids need healthy eyes to read, write, and see the board at school. The good news is most vision issues can be treated, especially if they are caught early.

Early Childhood

Early childhood (0 - 6 years) is an important time for growing brains. Things that happen to your child during these years are building brain functions, trust, a sense of belonging, and personality.


Good attendance helps to keep students on track. Being in school helps kids to read at grade level and keep up with their schoolwork.

Mental Health and Behavior

mental health
Students who have trouble controlling emotions or focusing may struggle in the classroom. There are many things you can do to keep kids emotionally healthy.

My Toolkit

Our interactive tools are for adults looking to support healthy habits in students. These tools focus on health barriers to learning, trauma, and attendance.