For Health Staff

Health staff play a pivotal role in a growing child’s life. Doctors, nurses, health educators, and medical support staff all communicate important information to children and families related to physical and mental health and well-being. Talking about issues going on at home and at school can help further support families and ensure that students are at their best and in school every day.

School Health

There are ways to make sure a student’s health is managed while in school. Learn more about school health policies and forms to make sure kids are Healthy and Ready to Learn!


A medical office should be a safe and supportive space for families. Find resources for creating trauma-sensitive spaces and friendly environments.


Managing health problems can improve attendance and keep students on track in the classroom. Learn why attendance is an important talking point for health staff.

School Nurses Corner

School nurses play a key role in health and education. Explore materials on health messaging in schools and ways to keep an open line of communication with student’s doctors.