For Families

Parents and caregivers want their children to be happy, healthy, and productive. A focus on health and safety is important for all children as they grow up. Healthy children start to learn skills when they are born. These skills will help them in school and when they are adults.

Some children may have health problems as they grow up. But, learning the signs of these problems and visiting the right doctors can help take care of the problem. Healthy kids can go to school more often and stay on track in the classroom. Click below to learn more about some important topics.

Health Barriers to Learning

It is important to keep kids healthy so they can stay on track in school. Click here to learn about our Health Barriers to Learning.


Trauma can affect kids as they grow up and even when they are adults.


It is important for kids to be in school everyday, on time! Learn why attendance matters and different ways to make sure children are in the classroom.

My Toolkit

Our tools help promote healthy spaces at home and in school. Click here to explore ways to keep kids Healthy and Ready to Learn!