Helpful Tools : Trainings

The Healthy and Ready to Learn Resource and Training Center provides free trainings to equip all adults in the lives of children with the knowledge and skills to promote strong attendance, community health, and trauma-sensitivity in schools and at home. These interactive sessions provide strategies that you can use in your role to help get children in elementary school healthy and ready to learn. Learn more about our training options below and join us either in-person or online to learn more about each of these topics!

For educators in New York State, all of our trainings are Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) eligible.

Live Trainings

Our live trainings are available to professionals working with elementary school aged children. These sessions provide introductory information and strategies for each topic.

Online Trainings

Much like our in-person trainings, our self-paced online trainings provide introductory information on each topic and include strategies that can be implemented in schools.


Our webinars bring in partners and experts to talk about their work related to our three focus areas: health barriers to learning, attendance, and trauma.