Virtual Learning Series
Social Emotional Learning

Healthy and Ready to Learn Resource and Training Center is virtual! As new COVID-19 information is becoming available by the day, HRL wants to make sure we can keep supporting NYC families and educators. This week, we'll focus our deep-dive on how to incorporate Social Emotional Learning at home.

By the end of this week participants will:

  1. Be equipped to discuss with families the importance of continuing Social Emotional Learning work at home
  2. Recommend 3 online Social Emotional Learning resources to families to use during virtual learning
  3. Learn about strategies to help incorporate regular Social Emotional Learning practice into daily virtual learning

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This Week's Content

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an incredibly valuable part of the school day to support student's recognition of feelings and character building. This week in particular, we'll be talking about Self-Awareness and Self-Management, two core competencies of CASEL's SEL framework, and how to build these critical skills into virtual learning.

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 Web Recording: Wednesday Coffee Break - Social Emotional Learning Strategies

This week's virtual session was focused on social emotional learning. Healthy and Ready to Learn was joined by two NYC Department of Education staff, a Parent Coordinator from one of our Technical Assistance Schools and a Restorative Practices Coordinator from the Office of Safety and Youth Development, to discuss strategies to incorporate SEL during virtual learning.

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 Web Recording: Community Conversations - Social Emotional Learning at Home

In partnership with Counseling in Schools, the Healthy and Ready to Learn team hosted a virtual parent workshop focused on how to keep the Social Emotional Learning going at home, how it might help with adjusting to new circumstances, and how to use social emotional learning at home to help everyone get along better at home.