Virtual Learning Series
Meeting Families' Needs

The Healthy and Ready to Learn Resource and Training Center is virtual! We've decided to take our trainings and materials and create an interactive and virtual platform for us to share best practices and knowledge for working with our students. This week, we'll focus our deep-dive on Meeting Families' Needs. By the end of this week, we hope you can:

  1. Understand how under-resourced communities, particularly those of color, are further effected by COVID-19
  2. Describe how to identify resources in the community to support families' needs
  3. Discuss strategies for collaborating with school staff to help refer families to community-based health resources
  4. Apply strategies for referring a family to community-based resources

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This Week's Content

We know that the virus is impacting families across the world, and the impact is not limited to physical health. For communities that experiance racism, poverty, and limited access to housing, the effects of COVID-19 are compounded and will likely require a longer "recovery period". Use our virtual book and content to learn more about about how under-resourced communities are being impacted and ways communities can collaborate to support families.

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 Web Recording: Wednesday Coffee Break Meeting Families' Needs

In partnership with NYS-TEACHS at Advocates for Children, the Healthy and Ready to Learn Resource and Training Center hosted a virtual session, focused on Meeting Families' Needs. This interactive session included discussions on current community resources available and strategies to collaborate with school teams and community organizations to support families virtually. Supports for Students in Temporary Housing was also discussed.

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 Community Conversations: Connecting to Support during COVID-19

In partnership with Counseling in Schools, the HRL team hosted a virtual parent workshop focused on different resources available in NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes resources related to technology, food access, and medical support, to name a few! Watch the recording here and access our resource sheets at